2-3 Months

shutterstock_193624736Baby likes toys that make noise. Do not exaggerate, choose toys with a harmonious sound so they will not drive you and your baby crazy… He likes rattles, blankets and cuddlies. Choose different types of materials in order to learn the difference when touching them.

3-6 Months

An activity mat is magical. If the ground is too hard, you can place the mat on a blanket or cover. Even if it is not harmonious with your interior decoration, try to buy a colourful play mat. In order to stimulate his curiosity, from time to time change the toys on his mat, He will try to fetch the objects above and around him.

7-9 Months

Objects that make noise, roll or turn amuse him a lot. On all fours, he will try to push them. At this age, you can also discover with him books of cardboard or plastic books.

10-18 Months

Baby walks and loves to push his stroller, He likes toys that make a lot of noise, music and songs. Stacking blocks and cubes entertain him as well as bathing is a real playground.

19-24 Months

Your little one loves to draw, books, pictures, throw a ball, playing outside. Later, pretend meals where you will be cordially invited, copying you, crafts, modelling, creation …