Month by Month


1st Month

  • Baby: Baby sleeps + / – 21 hours per day, when he wakes up he is agitated and he moves his limbs actively. He fixes intensely your face and has begun to gurgle. He reacts to noise and he is sensitive to hot and cold. He likes to spend his time with you and enjoys massages and the calm.
  • Food: 7 to 10 feeds or bottles per day
  • Weight: +/- 4 kg – Length: +/- 53 cm

Months 2-3

  • Baby:The systematic crying sessions at the end of the journey have begun to lessen with certain babies around 3 months . A real smile appears on his face and he reacts by imitating your facial expressions. His head is more and more steady, sleeping on his stomach he can lift up his head. He holds small objects and he reaches out in front of him with involuntary sudden movements. His 5 senses are well developed.
  • Food: 6 to 9 feeds or 5-6 bottles per day
  • Weight: +/- 5 kg – Length: +/- 60 cm

Months 4-5

  • Baby: He stretches out his arms and he grabs his cuddly toys to find out what they are. He is getting better at sitting himself up with your help and by holding him under his armpits, he can bend his legs. He begins to smile when he sees himself in the mirror and can communicate vocally. He loves his rattle that he holds on to with great determination.
  • Food: 5 feeds or 4 to 5 bottles per day, he is trying a few small spoonfuls of fruit or vegetables
  • Weight: +/- 6.5 kg – Length: +/- 65 cm

Months 6-7

  • Baby: He loves gurgling, he uses simple syllables. He has discovered his feet and he grabs them and puts them in his mouth. He can remain sitting for a certain period of time. He is curious about everyone and everything around him. A first tooth has appeared. He sleeps on his back and he knows how to turn himself onto his stomach. He recognises his name.
  • Food: 500 ml of milk per day, he eats 4 meals per day (10 gr of meat or fish, 10g of vegetables at lunchtime)
  • Weight: +/- 8 kg – Length: +/- 70 cm

Months 8-9

  • Baby: Baby becomes mobile: He begins to pull himself up by holding on to furniture, he begins to make movements of walking with support, he can sit up without support and he knows how to pull himself up to sit by himself. He likes to make noise and he begins to use 2 syllables ‘da-da’. He likes to throw his toys around and he likes to play ‘hello’.
  • Food: 500 ml of milk per day, he eats 4 meals every day (15gr of meat or fish, 15 to 20 gr of vegetables at lunchtime ), he begins to eat alone preferably with his fingers.
  • Weight: +/-9 kg – Length: +/- 72 cm

Months 10-12

  • Baby: Baby crawls around easily, he can pull himself up by grabbing on to furniture. He can say ‘mummy’ and ‘daddy’. He knows what ‘no’ means and he is testing the limits. He is going through a phase of biting his friends and his toys.
  • Food: 500 ml of milk per day,, he eats 4 meals per day(20 to 25 gr of meat or fish, 20 to 25 gr of vegetables at lunchtime) he begins to chew.
  • Weight: +/- 4 kg – Length: +/- 53 cm

1 Year

  • Baby: He gets around easily on all fours, he begins to take a few steps holding your hand. Other than “daddy” or “mummy” his vocabulary is limited to 5 to 6 words. He knows how to point out an object with his finger and can express his feelings especially by his actions.
  • Food: 500 ml of milk/day, he eats 4 meals every day (30 gr of meat or fish, 30 gr of starchy food, white cheese, yogurts fresh fruit ), he begins to chew
  • Weight: +/- 9.5 kg – Length: +/- 76cm

1 1/2 Years

  • Baby: Finally he can walk on his own. He can easily go from the sitting position to the standing position. He knows how to show the parts of his body,can kick a football, pile up the cubes. He speaks in a language of 3 to 4 words: “leave daddy car”. Make him carry out easy tasks: he likes to help and copy us.
  • Food: 500 ml of milk per day, he eats 4 meals every day with the rest of the family
  • Weight: +/- 12 kg – Length: +/- 80 cm

2 Years

  • Baby: He loves to run, press buttons, switches and remote controls.. In terms of vocabulary, he has between 150 to 1500 words . The word he adores to use during this time is ‘NO’ On the way to being autonomous the separation from mum is easier, he also wants to do more and more things for himself (close the door, switch off the radio). During the day he is clean.
  • Food: 7 to 10 feeds or bottles per day
  • Weight: +/- 4 kg – Length: +/- 85 cm